Editorial Policy

Seeds N' Flowers is an informational site that offers insight to help make Gardening more approachable. We take great pride in the quality of our content. Our goal is to provide content that is original, factual, and free of ethical concerns/conflicts.

All the content found on Seeds N' Flowers is Written by Annette Marsh or expert Writers and contributors that have first-hand experience in Gardening and/or Horticulture. Authorship for every article is reflected at the top and bottom of every post.

Before any article is published on Seeds N' Flowers, it goes through a review process to ensure that all information is factual and accurate.

During the research phase of writing articles we combine first-hand experience with primary sources. First-hand experience involves our in-depth knowledge and having physical experience with subject matter. Primary resources include the most current primary references, peer-reviewed articles, government organizations, academic institutions, advocacy associations, and expert interviews. When a source is cited, it is done both inline as well as the bottom of every article denoted by a “References” header.

In the event you need professional help, we advise readers to seek the help of a Master Gardener or a relevant, certified Professional.

Up-to-Date Information and Best Practices

As times change, so does information. With the help of Gardening experts, we routinely evaluate and update existing content to ensure it is reflective of the current best practices, recommendations, and guidelines.

When an article is updated, the date is modified to reflect these changes.

If you happen to stumble upon any inconsistencies or outdated facts, please reach out or email us directly: contact@seedsnflowers.com.


The content on Seedsnflowers.com is for informational and recreational purposes only. We do not intend to serve as a substitute for a medical, legal, professional, or educational service.

Seeds N' Flowers is committed to accurate, fair, and complete journalism. All Writers and Expert Contributors are held to a high degree of honesty and transparency.

Our goal is to provide original and unbiased content. We do not give preferential treatment to any outside resource or company who author or owns that resource.

We adhere to FTC Guidelines and Disclosures and fully disclose any relationship – both financial and personal – with any resource that may compromise our objectivity. This also includes any good provided by that resource.

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