Seeds N' Flowers was created by Annette Marsh to help both Green Thumbs and Novices alike to become better gardeners. Seeds N' Flowers shares gardening advice in the form of informational guides; We cover Plants, Flowers, Trees, Tools, Pests, and more.

Gardening and landscaping can be intimidating tasks. Annette hopes to share her 30+ years of experience in a way that is both easy to understand and actionable. 


Founder of Seeds N' Flowers
Favorite Flower: Tulips 
Annette grew up a Military brat. Her Father retired from the Air Force and settled down in New England in 1974. Both her Father and Mother grew up in farming families and upon settling down, they instilled those same values in their children.

In 1975 their family built a barn together (Annette was the “Nail Girl”) where they raised cattle, pigs, chickens, and rabbits. On their acreage of land they also grew vegetables like potatoes, corn, cucumbers, peas, string beans, pumpkins, and so much more. They were also fortunate enough to have wild blackberry bushes that they picked every August.

It wasn't till later in life (1998) when she bought her first house that she truly fell in love with gardening and landscaping. Both Annette and her Husband found gardening to be a rewarding experience. 

For the past twenty years they've allocated much of their free time to gardening and landscaping related tasks; Planting flowers and trees, weeding, pruning, mulching, mowing, constructing ponds and various other structures, as well as growing and maintaining a vegetable garden.
About Seeds N' Flowers
Seeds N' Flowers shares actionable gardening advice in the form of informational guides. We cover Plants, Flowers, Trees, Tools, and more